What is barbershop?

Barbershop is where most guys can really let it all out and bust a chord with friends. The concept of creating a sound greater than the sum of individual voices is a feeling of pure joy and satisfaction which keeps them coming back for more.



Most men join for the music, but end up staying for the friendships they make. Every Barbershopper has stories to tell of nightmarish road trips and bizarre stage experiences they’ve shared, of wonderful audiences, of touching moments bringing joy to individuals. These serve to illustrate the great pleasure we derive from our hobby.


Take inventory of the variety of men who choose harmonizing as an important part of their lives. You'll note contrasts in age, occupation, religion, education, race, and musical experience.


Less than one percent of barbershop members are formally trained musicians. There are plenty of men out there who have never sung formally, but like to sing. If we can show you that you can do it, you just might become a member.


"Easy to do, hard to perfect" might be more accurate. Not everyone can sing at the level of an international champion, nor should they try to. Barbershop harmony is about participation, not perfection.

The very roots of our style come from average guys, with average ability, enjoying the sound of their own voices contributing to barbershop harmony.


While it may be difficult to perfect, barbershop harmony is not difficult to do pretty well. We like to say, "It’s just a bunch of guys doing the same thing, in the same way, at the same time." Everything else is just a refinement on this.

Many skilled musicians in the Barbershop Harmony Society have, over the years, developed a number of materials and methods of making barbershop even easier for the average singer. Learning tapes or CDs make it possible for singers to become proficient without ever looking at a sheet of music, much less knowing how to read it.






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